Power Mind-Discover Techniques on How to Control People

When you hear the word mind control, the first thing that comes to mind is the ability to actually control another person’s mind using your own. Although it may be a good concept of how actual mind control works, this is not the case.

Mind control comes in different forms such as hypnotism, manipulation and even simple persuasion. But even though you don’t literally control someone’s mind, you still need a power mind, not to mention a strong sense of influencing in order to achieve mind control.

You owe it to science fiction as to why your mentality of mind control is askew. But you owe it to yourself to actually learn about real mind control. Striking fear into a person is one very effective way of manipulating someone.

No, this does not entail you to do bodily harm or actually strike fear onto a person by threatening them but rather, a person’s power mind will be tested with regards to fear and how people handle it.

This idea of fear will lead to a person’s need for security, and if you can provide that sense of security, they will be willing to compromise other important things.

In a sense, this happens every day with the government and the people, wherein individuals are obliged to pay them for the security they provide against other threats.

Another good example would be a guy getting a girl to do anything for him, because if she fails to deliver, he will leave her behind and the sense of security she feels when the guy is around will just evaporate into thin air, or vice versa.

This form of manipulation in relationships is very common, and the more aggressive person in a couple will always have the power mind.

Creating an atmosphere of affection is another way to manipulate people. This means that you have to form a sense of solidarity in a group wherein if you, as a power mind type of person, get another person to actually share their thoughts and feelings to you and show them that you understand by also telling a similar story, they will somehow become enamored to this shower of compassion.

This is especially effective if you get to touch the person not only in an emotional way but also in a physical way, which subconsciously shows your care. A power mind can easily do this, wherein he/she can use it consciously to withhold affection as a method of getting people to do what you ask them to.

Also, you can do something called finger-pointing, where you point out the obvious shortcomings and weaknesses of people, wherein they are led to believe that you, as a person with a superior power mind, are better than them.

If all goes well and they start to agree with your comments about them, it fosters a feeling of belonging, thus creating an us against the world connection.

If you do succeed in fostering this type of environment with other people, they will be willing to compromise many of their principles and morals to protect that bond that you have created with your power mind.

Mind control and manipulation may be a bit unethical to some, even a bit taboo, and technically, there is a fine line between right and wrong. In the end, these are just methods that you ca use for good or bad intentions.

It is still up to the person on how he will use his power mind, whether it will be for good or for evil. Some parents use it on children to make them do the right thing, while others do it as a means to an end.

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