Mind Control- Using It In Sales and for Your Overall Well-being

A very common scenario faced by salesmen is unreceptive prospects. Whatever you say to them fall on deaf ears.

Every rationale that you put forward is rebutted and the prospect is simply not willing to purchase the product. Over here, mind control techniques can come to your aid and enable you to make sales in seemingly hopeless cases too.

When you try to sell your product to the prospects it is very important to understand their mentalities. Different people like different ways of a product being marketed in front of them.

So when you begin your conversation your objective should be to identify the needs of your prospects.

Do not try to be bossy or authoritative in your pitch and pose as if you know all about the product being offered. They would feel intimidated or threatened or irate, thinking that you are forcibly trying to sell something.

Rather, engage in a meaningful dialogue with your prospects so that they feel you are genuinely interested in their welfare. After you have won their trust and confidence, convincing them regarding the utility of your product becomes easier.

Try to avoid negative words in your speech or draw parallels with any negative aspects of life. Such words or statements can conjure negative feelings and sentiments in their minds.

Weave stories in your sales pitch so that your prospects can relate to the product easily. The closer they feel to the product the better are your chances of making a sale.

It is crucial to make the prospect feel important and this mind control method helps the prospect to listen attentively to what you say. Rather than telling a whole list of benefits to your prospect, try to tell him how he would benefit and how his life would change after using the product.

Adding anecdotes in your sales pitch is a popular storytelling hypnotic mind control technique and people use this technique in their day-to-day lives for solving many issues too.

After you are clear about the requirements of any prospect always remember to perform a consistency-recall. This is a very effective mind control technique to ensure you’re your prospects agree with what you are saying later on.

For instance, if a prospect tells you that he feels bored after coming from home and would have wanted something that can entertain him, you can use that previously uttered statement to your benefit. You can draw a reference to that statement and then pitch your product, say, television set.

A television set is something which entertains a person during his free time and purchasing it can be a good decision. They need to agree with what you say because otherwise the prospects would feel that they are being inconsistent with their own statements.

This would hurt their egos and they would therefore think twice before saying anything negative.

The aforementioned mind control method should ideally be applied in front of others as your prospect would feel more awkward to appear inconsistent.

A very formal way of employing this technique is to request your prospect to note down in a piece of paper any important need / desire that he mentions. However your prospect might get angry or hurt by this technique too.

Hence you need to apply this mind control technique when the time, scenario and the prospect are appropriate. Mind control, frankly speaking, has been used for a long time in various fields, ranging from medical science to warfare. A person needs to know the techniques properly before using those on another person.

A person at first needs to master the skills required for controlling his own mind. Then he should think of applying mind control on others. Just like any other potent tool, these techniques are used by some people wrongly or maliciously.

Fraudsters, thieves and crooks use these techniques to commit various unlawful activities. Therefore it is extremely important to know and learn about mind control not only for your sales purposes but also to protect yourself from these miscreants.

If you are aware of mind control you can make it out when someone tries to apply it on you. Also, controlling your mind would help you to see through the tumultuous phases in life with ease. You would get a new focus and composure in your life which is of utmost importance.

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