Mind Control Techniques – Making People Do What You Want

You probably think it is impossible, but you can learn and master different mind control techniques.

These are powerful tools for making others do what you want them to. There are a lot of ways in which you can be a good manipulator, but it is best to focus on the best ones. Learn more about the most effective mind control techniques.

Love bombing might sound weird, but it is particularly simple and effective method for manipulation. It is one of the mind control techniques that have been tested and proven to work.

As the name suggests, your task is to make the person you want to control like you and feel comfortable around you through making him feel loved.

There are different stages that this technique involves. You have to start by flattering the person, so that he immediately likes you.

Then you can focus ob building empathy in your relationship. This is best done by sharing your emotions and secrets (not the real ones, though).

You have to be on the same wavelength as the person. Make him feel that you like the same things and share the same ideas.

The physical contact is extremely important for the success of this one of the mind control techniques. You can readily give the person a warm hug when he needs it or hold his hand during a tough moment.

Provided that you are doing everything correctly, the person you want to manipulate will think of you as family. This will allow you to influence him effectively. This person will be prepared to do everything for you.

Rejection of old values is another one of the effective mind control techniques. The key goal here is to change the way to thinking of the person, so that you can make him more submissive to your suggestions.

You have to focus on renouncing the existing values of the person. This takes time and effort, but you will accomplish it with persistence.

You have to start with renouncing the beliefs of the person. This can be easily done through questioning. In this way, the person will feel that he has reached the conclusion by himself.

Then, you can work on the actual rejection of old values. The best way to accomplish success is to replace them with new ones.

For example, if a person thinks that what matters most is having fun, you can readily convince him that what matters the most is friendship (and your friendship, in particular).

Once you have transformed the person using this one of the mind control techniques, you can focus on making him do what you want. Use the rejection of the old values and the acceptance of new ones as your weapons.

Covert hypnosis is another one of the mind control techniques that work brilliantly. It is more straightforward than the other two, even though it involves the use of a variety of sub-techniques.

The main advantage of using this method is that you can apply it on anyone, even strangers, easily and quickly.

Covert hypnosis is achieved during the course of a seemingly traditional conversation. It has three main stages – building rapport with the subject, reaching his subconscious mind and making subliminal messages.

You can use both love bombing and the rejection of old values as part of this method. The first one of the mind control techniques is effective for building rapport, making the subject like you.

You can readily use the physical touch masterfully for reaching the subconscious mind of the subject as well.

The value rejection mind control techniques can be used for creating confusion. This can be particularly effective for switching off the critical mind and influencing the subconscious one.

Once the person is in the state of trance, you can readily make the suggestions, subliminal messages. At this point you have to say what you want the other person to do. If you are talking to a pretty girl that you want to ask out, you simply have to say, “Go out with me”. She will.

These mind control techniques have been tested and proven to work. You should definitely devote time and effort to mastering them. Keep learning and practicing to make others do what you want them to.

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