Mind Control Techniques-How to Easily Become A Master Of Influence

It may sound intimidating to become a student of mind control techniques, but it’s not as scary or difficult as it sounds. It’s a covert and subtle practice that takes skill, charm, and the power of manipulation.

Don’t have these traits? Don’t worry. Mastering mind control techniques is the perfect place to start personal development.

Mind control doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, most mind control techniques are very simple. You’d be surprised how easily the basic foundation of this practice is built.

First you need to ask yourself: Why master the techniques of mind control? What are your goals? Why and in what ways do you want to modify the behaviors of those around you? If you’re like most Americans, you’re tired and stressed. You want to feel like you have control again.

According to a recent Gallup poll, the percentage of happy Americans has declined. Less than half of Americans consider themselves more happy than stressed. Meanwhile, the number of those who are overly stressed has climbed.

If you find yourself included in this disgruntled bulk, or even if you find yourself wanting things you don’t have – promotion, love life, money, meaningful relationships – you can benefit from learning mind control techniques and processes. Think of how less stressful your everyday routine would be if people simply behaved the way you wanted them to.

Luckily, you don’t need a degree in psychotherapy to get started in mind control processes and techniques. And what are the basics? Read on:

Observe, observe, observe

Before you can become a student of mind control techniques, you have to become a student of people. When you understand people, you get a good idea of where they stand with you. Some gravitate naturally toward you. Others don’t. This is information you need to know before you try to exert any influence.

Build trust and confidence

The reasons for this are obvious: the more someone trusts you, the more likely they are to open themselves to you, and the more open they are, the more receptive their subconscious will be to your ideas and suggestions.

Not only does building rapport benefit you by helping you develop meaningful relationships, it also makes people vulnerable to the mind control techniques you wish to master. How do you build rapport? Be a good listener.

Master the art of conversation. Keep pace with the person you’re speaking to. If they’re a motor mouth, speed up. If they’re slow and easy, slow down. If they use lots of hand gestures when they speak, you do the same. This act of mirroring lets people know that you’re part of their world, that you “understand” them. Be subtle. Subtlety is key in any form of mind control technique.

Stay cool and unpredictable

People are more vulnerable to mind control techniques when they feel like they have surrendered a bit of control. Never lose your cool. When possible, don’t go for the predictable reaction to a difficult situation. Let’s say your sales manager gets in a fuss over declining numbers in your department. Keep an upbeat attitude in the midst of all the chaos.

It will catch people off-track and cause them to look inward at their own attitude. Use that element of self-doubt to your advantage. This is the perfect window for you to drop in your mind control techniques, peppered with covert suggestions and undercover influence.

Be the authority

Take control of situations whenever possible. Don’t allow people to take advantage of you. Don’t allow yourself to be indispensable. When people think you’re the one in charge, they are more likely to be open to you, leaving their subconscious vulnerable to your techniques of mind control manipulation.

No matter what your situation is, mind control techniques can benefit you in all areas – professionally and personally – resulting in a happier, more fulfilling life.

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