Mind Control Techniques-Employed by Successful Salesmen

If you are connected with sales and advertising you would have definitely observed that some salesmen are more successful in making sales than the others.

You might have wondered what they were doing differently that made their sales pursuits so effective. The secret lies in being able to use mind control effectively to get things done your way and turn the tide in your favor.

In order to be successful you need to apply the right techniques at the right time. You need to properly align your services and needs and yet ensure that the client is getting the benefits.

Using mind control tools for selfish business motives, where no benefits are rendered to the customer / prospect, is of no use. Sooner or later you would find that your competitors are beating you in the race of becoming a top-notch salesperson.

Great salesmen are very flexible in their approach and can modify their styles of promotion or presentation at any time depending upon the situation. These salesmen have also conditioned their minds in such a manner that however unfavorable may be the situation, they are still hopeful of making sales.

It is not easy to have a winning mindset in all scenarios. It takes years of mind control and practice to be a winner. The good salespersons are all good listeners and patiently listen to accurately identify the needs of their prospects.

They customize their sales pitches and presentations accordingly. They have a charismatic and influential personality too and can make their presence felt in a group discussion or while making a business presentation in front of others.

Obviously, mind control has a pivotal role to play in all these scenarios. In fact, all good speakers are able to employ mind control through their speeches.

When you listen to any good speaker speaking convincingly, his words make an impression in your mind and you mull over the points raised by him even after his speech is completed. That is the power and effect of mind control.

Good salesmen always try to mirror the sentiments and behaviors of their prospects. This makes the prospects feel important and they become more liable to decide in favor of the salesmen.

A keen sense of observation is needed to identify the repetitive words or gestures of the prospects. For any meaningful dialogue to take place, a certain amount of rapport is needed. Hence rapport-building is the first thing that the good salesmen do.

Certainly, it is not very easy to implement the mind control techniques at will in reality. It needs practice and a strong instinct. Certain techniques are comparatively simpler and you might have been employing those already.

For instance, weaving anecdotes in your interactions with prospects can assist you in controlling their minds. Use of negative sentences can also make your prospect act the way you want.

For example, if you mention that there is no need of buying the product immediately he might actually decide to act oppositely. This is called reverse psychology wherein you tell somebody not to do something and he / she feels tempted to do that thing even more.

For example, if you tell your tot not to consume potato chips because those are tangy, they would like to try the chips immediately.

You must be careful about which mind control technique to use so that the desired results are got. Any statement can be made in a positive as well as a negative manner but the outcomes might vary depending upon the statement.

Citing an example, you can tell your child not to fall down on a slippery surface or you can tell him to walk carefully. In the first case, the child feels that he has a chance of falling down and might actually do so.

But in the later, he would be more focused and careful not to fall. Hypnotherapists also use mind control to do welfare of others. The ambience of the chamber, the voice of the hypnotherapist, and the tools used, all play a role in making a person go deep within a trance.

It must be remembered that the subconscious mind plays a big part in our day-to-day actions and the different techniques devised all try to influence / condition that portion of the mind.

Naturally after reading this article you obviously realize you feel compelled to learn even more.

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