Mind Control-Some Simple Methods

Mind control is the process of manipulating an individual or a group of people to follow ones demands or to conform to ones wishes.

This term can apply to any method whether psychological or otherwise provided that the goal is to get people to do something that they would not otherwise do without being forced or manipulated to do so.

This concept was developed to explain how totalitarian regimes, dictatorships and propaganda works. Mind control is not only used in governments, it can also be used in advertising in the form of subliminal messages in print media, this is actually a very effective form of advertising as it really persuades people to avail of products and services.

Several religious cults have been subject to much controversy, as they have been accused of brainwashing.

Even the smartest of people can fall into these methods and be coerced to start working towards something that they don’t even believe in. There are several methods of mind control, these include:


Hypnosis is a common method used for brainwashing that is characterized by a long series of instructions and high levels of suggestibility, which is disguised in a relaxed environment. This may involve the following methods:

  • In schools, repetitive music is played, typically employing the beat that is close to the beating of the human heart, to encourage students to study. Instructors will often say that this kind of music will help students concentrate much better. This is a common method of brainwashing, as students would not want to study without the influence of these materials.
  • Voice roll is a method of hypnosis that is commonly used by lawyers when they are trying to persuade the jury to side towards a certain decision. This kind of speaking comes in a monotonous style, with the words being delivered at about 45 to 60 beats per minute.
  • Even the way a room is designed can be an effective method of mind control. You may have noticed that you feel more relaxed in a room with warm lighting. The atmosphere of a room usually designed in such a way to relax people.


This is a process of mind control that makes use of subliminal messages. As previously mentioned, this method is often used in advertising to coerce potential customers to buy certain products. This is typically done by emphasizing  certain keywords and phrases on print media and even on long lectures and television shows or commercials.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be a very effective method of brainwashing in teens, as they often feel the need to belong to a particular group, so they are sometimes forced to do certain things that they would not otherwise do on their own accord.

Incomprehensible Doctrine.

This is most often used in religious organizations, when they try to cover up the unexplainable with doctrines to maintain or receive the belief and support of certain groups of people.

Controlled Approval

Even something as simple as being required to ask for approval before being able to start with a specific activity can be a form of mind control. Without these inhibitors, people would be able to do anything they want but since they are brought up with the belief that they have to ask for approval before they do anything, they will always seek permission.


Fear is a very effective method of mind control, as people tend to succumb to fear. In most totalitarian regimes, fear is cultivated by imposing very strict laws with corresponding penalties for failure to follow.

Mind control is a very diverse field of study and it can involve everything from the most basic units of society like the family to the broadest such as entire governments and nations.

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