Hypnosis Mind Control- How to Make People Act the Way You Want

Hypnosis mind control techniques are being used by experts in various fields to get people to do what they want.

Naturally, there is a question of ethics connected over here and it depends entirely on the person as to how he wishes to use hypnosis mind control.  When these techniques are used for beneficial work to plant positive ideas / pictures in the minds of others, it is certainly welcome.

However, many people with heinous intentions employ hypnosis mind control for getting confidential information of others. In those scenarios the acts are really criminal and contemptible.

Often people, in their day to day lives, use hypnosis mind control methods without being aware. You might have told your tot an engrossing story and seen him attentively listening to it.

During that time your child is being controlled hypnotically by the story and certain portions of the story might be sound so appealing to him that the impressions would be left in his mind forever.

Similar situations occur when anyone watches a captivating movie or reads an engrossing novel and completely loses track of time. Experts simply fine-tune these skills and use hypnotic stories to gain control over another person’s mind.

If you are in sales you might also use hypnosis mind control to implant positive thoughts or ideas in the minds of your prospects so that they feel interested in your product and buy it.

Even those who would have been totally uninterested in your offered product / service had hypnosis mind control procedures not been employed begin to display interest.

The astute salesmen skillfully weave interesting anecdotes in their sales pitches with prospects. In this way the prospects are not able to make out in any way that hypnotic techniques are being used.

The salesmen might also undergo special training programs for learning and mastering these skills. It is important for marketers / salesmen to initially plant the need for any product / service.

For example, if a person already has a car and you are trying to sell him another car, he might reject the offer straightway.  However, if you can manage to seed the thought in his mind that his current car in not good enough, and a car with better facilities is available at the same price, then he might think about your offer.

The best part of hypnosis mind control techniques is that they can be used in various circumstances. You might want your child to drink a glass of milk but being unable to do so.

Or, you might be trying to sell in formal gatherings but without success, or you might be involved in a business-to-business negotiation. In all the aforementioned situations the techniques have proved to be of great help.

However, a person needs to be sufficiently skilled to employ hypnosis mind control consistently and effectively in each and every scenario. Also, you might find that in some scenarios the techniques are not having their desired effect. It is possible that some of your prospects have already been influenced by someone or something else.

In fact, it is harder to plant a new idea in a person’s mind, if he already has a preconceived notion or idea. That is why experienced hypnotherapists are needed in specialized psychological cases where the patient is not able to get rid of a negative idea / dream.

Another scenario where hypnosis mind control is used is addiction. Health warnings are given at the back of each and every cigarette packet. But that has not deterred the addicted smokers from smoking in any way.

In the hypnosis mind control method, a link would be established between an undesirable consequence and a desired outcome, e.g. quitting smoking. The hypnotherapist might plant the picture of an ailing child as soon as the addict reaches out for his packet.

If the addict has a child whom he loves dearly, he would not want to harm him in any way. This would force the addict to quit smoking as the love for his child will supersede his addiction for cigarettes.

Embedded commands are also used by experts to get people to do what they want. You might tell your prospect that he would obviously not be interested in buying another car after having bought one.

This statement might spur him to consider buying another car even though he really does not need another car.

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