How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think

Admit it – at least once in your life you’ve wanted to learn how to do mind control and manipulate the thoughts of others.

Maybe you wanted your kid to do the chores without whining. Perhaps you wanted your wife to change her mind about the expensive purchase you’ve been eying. Or you could be sitting in your ho-hum office, putting in overtime while your co-workers skate by.

But what if you could change those around you? What if you knew how to do mind control in a covert way?

We’re not talking about cosmic superhuman powers. You’re not going to walk into work tomorrow and suddenly put everyone in a trance so they follow your commands like robotic soldiers. We’re not talking about brainwashing, either.

You don’t need harsh tactics of fear and manipulation to know how to do mind control and convince others to do your will. And you don’t need supernatural forces. All you need is control of your own mind and the ability to understand the minds of others. Once you learn how have full control of these things, you can learn how to do mind control that will change your life.

The human mind is tricky business, but by constantly sharpening your mind-control skills, you can learn how to break through to others’ subconscious in order to reformat how they think and consequently, how they behave.

Knowing how to do mind control on others is a powerful skill. It may seem too intimidating for you to master, but don’t worry. All you need to do to become a mind-control master is get your foot into the door of other people’s subconscious. Here’s how:

Display an air of authority and control

To be able to work your mind-control techniques, people have to listen to you. Do you think they’re going to listen to the wallflower in the corner or the shy guy shrinking by the watercooler? No. They want to look up to people of authority. They give respect to those who seem to have it all together.

Why? It’s simple – that’s what they want, too. Once they feel comfortable and enamored of you, they begin to drop the shield that guards their subconscious, which gives you full entry. Knowing how to break the armor is key to knowing how to do mind control.

Push buttons

This doesn’t mean you have to throw people into a fit of rage over some hot political issue. It simply means understanding what makes people tick. Get to know their motivations and passions. Once you do, subtly push those buttons until you’re controlling their thoughts.

If you have their trust, they will gradually open themselves to you without even realizing it. It’s then that they are vulnerable to your suggestions and influence.


Another benefit of knowing what people’s personal values and motivations are is determining how to control their minds by placating them. This means making covert references to issues or topics they feel emotional about

When they see that you share, understand or appreciate their thoughts or ideas, they begin to feel like you’re a confidant. They will fixate on that certain topic, which gives you even more freedom to break through the subconscious shield. To know how to do mind control, you must appreciate the art of humoring people.

Exercise your right to be silent

Silence is a powerful thing, much more powerful than people realize. You certainly don’t want to be the tight-lipped party pooper in the group, but you do want to be the person who knows how to do mind control techniques by intentionally utilizing the right to remain silent.

How? When involved in a serious or deep conversation with someone, don’t trip over their words. Don’t interrupt. Don’t even start talking as soon as they stop. At moments in the conversation, be completely silent. At some point you’ll need to say something of course, but in those few seconds of discomfort, they’re likely to fill the space with more words. The more they talk, the more disarmed they become.

All these techniques should help you sneak your way into a person’s subconscious, making them available to your influence. When you know how to do mind control, it’s clear that you harness a fascinating power.

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