Mindpower of the Mind – Setting a Context for Triggering the Imagination

The mindpower of the mind is powerful not only because it forces you to do things. It is powerful because it is triggered by inner thoughts, desires and emotions and not necessarily be reality.

This concept is not difficult to grasp, if you give it some more thoughts. You have probably had moments when you suddenly felt a desire to have a chocolate bar.

You imagine how you will feel eating it and your desire becomes even stronger. In this case, your mindpower of the mind makes you get up and get a chocolate bar.

You can use the desires of others to do mind control. In order to manipulate people more effectively, you can readily give the imagination the context you desire.

In our language and communication, we often use words and phrases that literally mean one thing, but we are using them to actually say another. The difference comes from the context we set.

For instance, when two people are fighting, you can readily say that it has got hot in the room, even though the temperature may not have changed. This is one simple example, but it is sufficient to illustrate the meaning we give to our words.

You can readily set words in a context to do mind control more effectively. These can influence the imagination powerfully and allow for the mindpower of the mind to be manipulated successfully.

Your task is to come up with the right context for the particular thing you want the person you are influencing to do.

Let’s say that you are trying to motivate your colleagues to work harder, when a deadline seems impossible. You can readily explain how bravely an army fought a battle and won, even though the odds were against it.

This will work amazingly for triggering their imagination, motivation and willpower.

You have just found out another way, in which to influence the mindpower of the mind. Keep learning with my article Power Mind-Discover Techniques on How to Control People.

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