Subconscious Mind – 3 Tips for Triggering the Imagination

subconscious mind 150x150 Subconscious Mind   3 Tips for Triggering the Imagination

The imagination is the door to the subconscious mind of every person. This is the tool that allows you to create another reality in your mind and experience specific sensations, emotions and desires.

Your task as a mind control practitioner is to use the imagination to influence the subconscious mind. Once you have made your subliminal suggestions, your subject will have the mind power to do what you have told him to.

Since influencing the imagination is crucial, you have to have a number of tricks in your sleeve to accomplish this task.

Make the subject comfortable and relaxed first.

When a person is comfortable and relaxed, he is more likely to use his subconscious mind. That is why you have to help him overcome any negative and disturbing emotions first.

The best way to do it is to pace and lead. Make some positive affirmations and let the person accept them.

For instance, you can readily say, “You are in a safe room with a person who loves you. Now you feel safe and relaxed.”

Use anchoring for triggering the imagination.

This is a truly great technique. You simply have to create a positive association to trigger the person’s imagination.

For instance, if you want the person to associate the thing that you want her to do with excitement, satisfaction and happiness, you can readily use going shopping as an anchor.

Use the memories of the subject.

You can just make a person remember rather than making him create a whole new reality for himself. This is often easier, especially when the person is under great stress.

You simply have to ask questions that will open up his memory and trigger his imagination.

You have just learned how to influence the subconscious mind more effectively. The key to becoming successful in mind control is to keep learning. Start with my article Subconscious Mind – How to Influence It.

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