Mind Control-Control Your Own Mind

MInd Control To Get Whatver You Want

Normally I think of mind control to control other people but…I just read a post over at dbuzznews.com that reminded me you can use it to control your own mind too.

Whenever we use mind control to control others we use language to direct their thoughts the way we want. The same goes for using it to control your own mind. Think about it for a minute…

Do you tell yourself you I can do this or I can’t do this? To quote one of the founders of modern industry, Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”

What Ford meant by this was if you think you can do something you’ll figure out how to do it, if you think you can’t do something, you’ll figure out how not to do it.

While this is not exactly mind control it does go hand in hand with using the right language to manipulate yourself.

To discover more about mind control check out the article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think

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  1. imran awan says:

    There are many applications of mind control, including psychic influence, remote influence and dream invaders. Some people, for whatever reason “hope” they can get mind control to work for them, but they don’t do the necessary training. Well my good friend Dr. John La Tourrette has posted a really good thread on his mindmastery-essentialskills yahoo group on how to get Mind Control to work for you.

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