How to Mind Control – Building Loops

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Mind Control

This will allow you to use complex techniques, such as making loops.

Practitioners, who know how to mind control, literally lead a person into doing what they want. It is true that desires are created in the subconscious mind, but the conscious mind needs logical to justify and subdue to these desires.

Building loops is all about taking the subject though the different stages, through which he would go, if he were the one wanting to do the particular thing. This might sound a bit complex and it actually is, so I will explain it to you more simply.

Making loops is like telling a story. You have the initial stage, in which there is a problem. You are naturally made to anticipate the next step. Then, the character makes the first step towards solving the problem, so you are naturally made to anticipate the next one and so on.

Once the story is over, the solution seems obvious and logical. This is what you will do, if you know how to mind control. You have to lead your subject all the way to the solution that he will find logical and use.

For instance, let’s say that you are trying to make the person who you live with do the grocery shopping instead of you. You identify a problem that this person has and link it logically to the solution, the thing that you want him to do.

Then you start making loop by loop to get the person to realize that they need to do the grocery shopping. For example, if the other person is conscious of healthy food, you can say that you will buy frozen burgers for dinner. This will be a problem allowing you to build loops.

This is how to mind control using loops. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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