Hypnotic Mind Control – The Use of Perceptual Positioning

Hypnosis 1 150x150 Hypnotic Mind Control   The Use of Perceptual Positioning

Hypnotic Mind Control

You can apply covert hypnosis effectively on anyone, provided that you choose the right influencing techniques and use them in the most appropriate manner.

Your task is to use hypnotic mind control to make another person do what you want. Basically, you have to influence his subconscious mind. The key to success is to choose the right embedded command for influencing as well as the right pace and lead pattern.

One of the best ways to do this is to use perceptual positioning. Even though the term is complex it is actually used to describe looking at the person from different perspectives, including your own. By doing this, you will find out what will trigger him exactly to do what you want.

The first step you need to make, when using this hypnotic mind control technique, is to look at the person from your own point of view. Learn more about his situation, using questions.

Then try to figure out what sort of advice you will give him, given his personal characteristics and circumstances.

The next step is to step into this person’s shoes. You have to ask yourself what he will do in the particular situation. You have to take into account his personal values and beliefs as well as his desires and emotions.

Analyze this information to find the right hypnotic approach for influencing the person. For instance, let’s say that you want to influence a person whose primary value is integrity and wants to be honest and fair in his actions and words.

The line, “You are an honest man. You do everything with fairness in mind. By doing this (say what you want him to do) you will prove your integrity.”

You have just learned how to use perceptional positioning for mind control. Keep learning to become a successful hypnotist, starting with my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want.

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