Mind Control Techniques – A Great Technique to Use in Sales


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Mind Control

There are also ones that are widely used in certain industries, such as sales.

Influencing prospect customers is often more difficult than influencing people you know well. That is why you have to use really sneaky psychological mind control techniques to make a person by something from you.

The technique that I will introduce here is really simple, but it works like magic. It is based on giving different options to your prospect customer. What you have to do is give the person a choice between two products that are virtually the same but have one or two traits that are different.

You can readily offer the same product in two different colors or present a product that comes with an extra feature. It is also possible for you to offer the latest model and the one before it, if there is no great difference between them.

The key is for the different to be notable enough to cause confusion, but to make it relatively easy for person to choose. You would not want him pondering over the products and then finally giving up buying.

Basically, you have to ask the person, “Should I wrap product 1 or product 2?” This one of the mind control techniques is ideal for closing any sale.

Can you guess why? You are diverting the attention of the prospect from deciding whether to buy the product or not. You are focusing his mind on choosing between product 1 and product 2. Irrespective of his choice, you will close the sale successfully.

I would personally recommend using this technique in combination with covert hypnosis or NLP. In covert hypnosis, it is ideal for getting the prospect into trance and influencing him to buy.

You have just added another one to your arsenal of mind control techniques. Keep learning how to influence people with my article Mind Control Techniques-Employed by Successful Salesmen.

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