Mind Control – Influencing through Memories

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Mind Control

You know how important it is to play with emotions. It is equally powerful to play with memories.

It is worth looking at the important of memories for mind control first. The first thing that I want to point out is that the memories belong to the subconscious mind just like emotions and desires.

The next important thing that you need to know is that when you go back to a memory, you do not only see and hear what happened. You experience the emotion that you experienced when this thing happened. Hence, your subconscious mind opens up.

The third important thing is that when you go back to a memory, you literally go into a state of trance. I don’t need to prove this to you.

Every time a memory is brought up and then put back into the subconscious mind, you feel as you have been somewhere else for a few moments. You do not remember seeing or hearing the things that are actually going on around you.

All this comes to show that if you bring up a memory in a person, you will be able to exercise mind control though hypnosis. Once the person is in a state of trance, you can readily make your subliminal suggestions.

Brining up the memory of someone else can be a difficult task, especially when you do not know the person well. You have to use questions to trigger the memory and imagination of the person.

For instance, if you want to get the person into a state of trance for hypnosis, you can readily ask him, “When was the last time you felt totally relaxed and comfortable?” The person will start remembering and opening his subconscious mind to your influence.

You have just learned more about mind control. Now is the best time to keep learning with my article Mind Control-Some Simple Methods.

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