Mindcontrol – How to Interrupt Thinking Patterns

In many cases, applying mindcontrol is much easier than you think. The mind can be influenced with just a set of simple techniques.

This is because people are susceptible to influencing. In fact, research has shown that the more intelligent people are more susceptible to mindcontrol.

The question is how to influence someone. You can do it by using pattern interrupts. These are specific techniques designed to change the mindset of people. Provided that you use a pattern interrupt correctly, you will be able to apply covert hypnosis or another mindcontrol technique effectively.

The reality is that anything can be a pattern interrupt. It can be a line, an action or a gesture.

Many practitioners use a handshake to interrupt a thinking pattern.

When you are having a handshake, you are suddenly starting to thing about presenting yourself in the best possible light. You are also thinking about what the other person may say. At this point, you have probably forgotten what your initial thoughts were.

In general, the handshake and the other pattern interrupts are used to get the person you want to manipulate in a state of trance. This state is usually preceded by puzzling and confusion and, in some cases, even panic.

The handshake is a great pattern interrupt, when it is sudden and unexpected. However, if you want to apply mindcontrol in many situations to many people, you might want to expand the range of techniques you are using.

Saying something weird and out of place or saying something that makes the other person feel uncomfortable can also help you open his subconscious mind. When using these pattern interrupts, you might want to involve the imagination of the subject to get him into trance more easily.

You have just learned how to do mindcontrol more effectively. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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