How to Mind Control – An Effective Method for Hypnotic Influence

tv mind control 150x150 How to Mind Control   An Effective Method for Hypnotic Influence

The latter has obvious advantages. It is much more subtle and quite effective. More importantly, if you know how to mind control masterfully, your subjects will never know they have been hypnotized and influenced psychologically.

Now, I’m going to show you one of the most effective methods for influencing someone through conversational hypnosis. Keep in mind that in order to apply this technique, you will need to build rapport first.

It is best to use mirror imaging and to mirror the gestures and expressions of the subject. It is also best to synchronize your breathing with the person and speak in line with the natural beat of the human heart. These are more difficult techniques, so you will need practice in order to apply them.

The method is called paced and lead. You have to learn it, if you want to know how to mind control. With the pacing you set the mind of the person into the right direction and with the leading you get him to do what you want. Here, I will present the basic version of the method that relies on the use of true statements.

What you have to do is to mention two things or rather facts that the person has no choice, but to agree with. Then you have to add a third fact that the person will agree with in his mind.

For instance, as you are talking to the person you can say, “You are standing right in front of me”, “You are looking at me”, “You feel completely relaxed.” The first statements are true, so the person automatically agrees with the latter. In turn, you have made him feel relaxed.

You have just learned another method on how to mind control. Keep learning with my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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