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This is what you have to do in order to influence others.

Mind mapping is a powerful method for exploiting the power mind. It allows you to literally map an action or a course of action into the person’s mind.

In order to understand mind mapping, you have to understand how the brain works. Everything that you think about is related to associations and emotions. For instance, going out with friends is pleasant and doing work is not.

As the brain attaches associations and emotions to everything and these can be manipulated and changed, you can use this to influence others. This is done through mind mapping.

Your goal is to set an action and attach a positive desirable emotion to it. This will allow you to literally map the action into the person’s power mind. In turn, he will do it because he feels willing and motivated to do it.

There are two main tools that you need to use in mind mapping. These are your words and the imagination of the person you are trying to put under your spell.

When mapping the action, you have to define it precisely. Choose a very short phrase. Then you have to create a pleasant and desirable sensation for this action.

Use the right words to describe the sensation. It is best to create an entire imaginary setting so that the person can literally sink to the level of the mind that you are attempting to influence.

There are various covert hypnosis techniques for triggering the imagination to achieve mind mapping. You can readily learn and master all of them.

You have just found out another way, in which you can use the power mind of others. Keep discovering more with my article Power Mind-Doing Mind Mapping.

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