Hypnosis Mind Control-Interesting Concept

hypnotic mind control

Blending the idea of hypnosis and mind control is, to me, a great concept. It allows you to control the decisions that people make.

I was roaming the internet when I cam across an interesting article over at hypnosis-mind-control.com about this.

Hypnosis is about putting people in a trance to help accomplish a goal. Mind control is about manipulating someones mind or at least their thinking to accomplish a goal (yours or theirs)

In both cases you are manipulating the person to achieve your outcome. BTW-we all manipulate other people it’s just a matter of how skilled you are.

SO to merge hypnosis and mind control we basically create a light trance like when you’re really absorbed in a book or movie and then simple slip in our commands of what we want the other person to do.

You can learn more about this by reading the article Mind Control-Get People To Do Whatever You Want

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