Mind Control Techniques – Using Framing

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The key to success in applying most of these methods lies with framing. This is one of the fundamental mind control techniques that you should definitely focus on.

Framing can be described as preparation for the actual influencing. It is just like setting the scene or the context. You can use it with any method for manipulation from covert hypnosis to love bombing.

When you set a frame, you virtually put the person you want to influence in a specific situation. In turn, he will be more susceptible to your suggestions, since he will not be able to find arguments against them.

In order to do this, you need knowledge, skill as well as creativity. For now, I’ll just illustrate the basics of this one of the mind control techniques with an example.

Let’s say that you are a salesperson who wants to sell a product to a prospect customer. You can readily explain that this product will be out of stock soon or that it is much better than its competitors. By doing this, you are not making the person buy directly, but setting the scene for making the sale.

Framing can be used in all situations and on all people. You just have to know how to set the right frame.

If you master the technique, you will even be able to apply it to deal with objections to your suggestions. You can do this by stating and eliminating the objection before it is raised. This is an invaluable frame to use in many cases.

You have just learned more about one of the most important mind control techniques. Keep learning to become a super successful manipulator. Start with my article Mind Control Techniques-How to Easily Become A Master Of Influence.

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