Mind Control – Being Influential Without Being Cruel

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Mind Control

You can readily use covert hypnosis for mind control. This method allows you to influence others effectively without them knowing. What I really like about this method is that it allows you to create win situations.

What I mean by this is that you can make the other person do what you want without being unethical or cruel. This gives you the superb advantage of applying the method on one and the same person numerous times without him realizing that he is being manipulated.

The best way to create a win situation is to associate the thing that you want done with benefits and positive emotions. Basically, in order to exercise mind control, you have to give a “treat” to the person for doing what you want.

You have to make the person believe that he will only benefit from doing what you want. In fact, you have to put the main focus on the benefits rather than on the action. Furthermore, you should never show that you are the one who wants to reap a benefit from the situation.

I will give you an example. Let’s say that you want your sister to clean the house instead of you. You can readily link the benefit of having a clean house to the action as well as the benefit of feeling happy with the work done.

In order to diver the attention from yourself, you can readily focus on flattering your sister for her house keeping skills. In this way, you will make the matter all about her and the cleaning.

You have just learned how to do mind control more effectively. Keep expanding your knowledge to become even more influential with my article Mind Control-Some Simple Methods.

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