Hypnosis Mind Control – Using Pattern Interrupts Correctly

hypnosis 006 150x150 Hypnosis Mind Control   Using Pattern Interrupts Correctly

Pattern interrupts are commonly used for getting someone into confusion and, consequently into a state of trance. The idea behind these techniques is that they intend to engage the critical mind, so that the subconscious mind opens to influence.

There are numerous types of pattern interrupts, but they can all be placed in two separate categories. Some are verbal while some are non-verbal.

The verbal ones are designed to make the subject of the hypnosis mind control struggling to find meaning in your words. The non-verbal pattern interrupts are usually associated with a specific action, such as a handshake.

While the person is trying to figure out what is going on, his subconscious mind is prepared to accept your influence.

The best time to use a pattern interrupt is when your subject gets focused on a conversation topic or on an action. It is not particularly difficult to spot the perfect moment, as it is characterized by different verbal queues and gestures.

Before you get to apply this technique in hypnosis mind control, you have to be ready with the actual pattern interrupt you will use.

For instance, if you attempt to say something that is completely out of the conversation, you should do it confidently and without hesitation. Otherwise, you will seem as if you are confused yourself. In turn, the subject will accept your pattern interrupt as nonsense and will ignore it.

Another important thing is to be ready with the embedded command, which you have to use right after you have got the person into a state of trance. It is essential for you to do act quickly, but to make it natural. It is crucial to use a hypnotic tone of voice.

You have just learned how to do hypnosis mind control successfully. Keep learning more with my article Hypnosis Mind Control- How to Make People Act the Way You Want.

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