Subconscious Mind – Use the Secrets It Hides

subconscious mind 150x150 Subconscious Mind   Use the Secrets It Hides

It is more powerful than the critical mind, but it is also much more difficult to access and understand.

Knowing these two rules will allow you to use the subconscious mind effectively to your advantage in any social situation.

Provided that you learn the right covert hypnosis techniques, you will be able to access this part of the mind. By using its power, you will direct people in any way you desire.

The main question is what things from the subconscious mind you can exploit.

The emotions are the first factor that comes to mind. We are full of emotions, even though we are struggling to make decisions with our critical mind. Despite this, we usually base our decisions on emotions. You can readily understand these emotions and use them to pull the strings.

Instinct is also a powerful tool that you can use. Just think how many of your actions are based on instinct – from washing your teeth in the morning to feeling scared when you sit on the dentist’s chair. You can readily manipulate anyone to act instinctively.

Values and beliefs also belong to the subconscious mind. For instance, you just know what is right and what is wrong. You don’t have to give it much thought.

Similarly, you can use other people’s notion of right and wrong to make them do what you want. You can readily persuade someone to do something just because it is right, good and just.

You can exploit even the memories of a person to influence him. You have to make him remember a happy or a sad memory and associate it with an emotion or an action in the present.

You have just learned a lot about using the subconscious mind to influence others. Stay on the right track and keep learning with my article Subconscious Mind – How to Influence It.

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