Power Mind – Getting the Right Emotional Trigger

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Mind Control

When a person does not have this training, their power mind becomes a tool for manipulation that you can use successfully. Simply put, you have to exploit this power that can trigger a person to do what he wants or rather what you have made him want.

In order to exploit the power mind of the person you want to influence, you have to get him into a specific state of mind. Emotions are a powerful tool for accomplishing this. This is simply because we act based on emotions in 90% of all situations.

Using emotions is fundamental for all mind control techniques, including covert hypnosis. The key to success is to learn which emotions to use in the different situations.

In most cases, you will have to make a person relaxed. In this state, it is easier to reach the power mind and exploit it to your advantage.

In order to make someone relaxed, you have to focus on positive emotions that create a sense of security and calm.

For example, you can readily say, “You are in a perfectly cozy and quiet room. You are surrounded by beautiful objects that bring pleasure to the eye.” By making the person feel comfortable, you are making him more susceptible to influencing.

On the other hand, a negative emotion associated with pain and anger might produce equally good results.

For example, you have stated all the benefits of doing an action. The person has visualized them in his mind, so you can simply take this dream away from him.

In turn, he will feel upset and angry. More importantly, he will begging you to do the thing that you want him to.

You have just learned how to use the power mind for influencing others. Keep learning more with my article Power Mind-Doing Mind Mapping.

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