How Long Does It Take For Mind Control To Work

I just saw a post over at and what I found interesting is how they talk about mind control taking a long time or at least being unpredictable in how long it takes.

mind control techniques

I have only found that to be true when you are attempting to use these mind control techniques completely out of any conscious awareness. So for example if I wanted you to buy my mind control program and I didn’t want you to know I manipulated you I might do something completely out of awareness like talk about a computer program.

Buy now, you obviously realize my passion for a computer program that is really fast and user friendly. The words in bold are the hidden directives or hidden suggestions. Now to be fair this is just one sentence and there would be way more conversation than a sentence.

In the above example I am trying to be 100 percent covert and not even discuss the topic so yes that may take a while if it ever works. but what about this example where you know I am trying to sell you my program.

Naturally as you realize you become aware of your ever growing excitement about using my program you obviously come to the conclusion to buy it now don’t you.

In this example I use presupposition to suggest you buy my program. In both cases the suggestions are completely out of conscious awareness but…the second example will produce instant results.

check out the article Mind Control-Get People To Do Whatever You Want

Tell me what you think regardless of whether you agree or disagree

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