Mind Control-What’s It All About?

Mind control, or brainwashing, is a term misunderstood by society due to the influence of the media. News reports have repeatedly shown people who have been reportedly controlled and caused untold harm to a lot of people.

These reports have given the public a bitter taste of mind control, even if they do not have full knowledge about it. The truth is, people use mind control simply to manipulate circumstances to their advantage.

Mind control is the manipulation of another person’s thoughts and actions, usually without that individuals consent. In itself, it is neither good nor bad. Rather, its effects depend on the person who wields it.

On one hand, a person can do a lot of good by persuading others to do things at a certain way. The same person could also cause great harm by manipulating and controlling the same set of people.

While common belief points to some kind of supernatural reason to explain mind control, the truth is far simpler. Some scientific techniques and just simply knowing the right way of behaving can already be used to persuade someone to act in a certain way.

In fact, it is highly possible that you have unconsciously performed mind control without your knowing it. Salespeople are a good example of expert mind controllers: clients who are initially uninterested to the product being offered to them suddenly find themselves heading to the cashier to pay for the item.

To be successful in exercising mind control, the target should be primed for it, not by being told that they are about to be influenced, but by softening them up. A person cannot be influenced unless he or she knows and trusts the one doing the controlling.

His or her guard has to be down to be able to perform mind control on them so they will see things your way. The reason why leaders are so charismatic is because they can speak and act in ways that their followers would find appealing.

Other traits possessed by leaders, and people who are successful at mind control, are self-confidence and an ability to mingle.

Projecting self-assurance as well as showing your interest in the other person will make you more trustworthy to them, and at the same time allows them to lower their guard, enough so that they can be manipulated.

Hypnotherapists may use the term altered state to describe people who have been put on a trance or have lowered inhibitions. After putting the person in that condition, all the individual performing the mind control has to do is to hook him or her.

Rewards and punishments are good tools to pull them in. Behaviors that are favorable to the controller are praised, while those that go against what the person doing the mind control cause him or her to be reprimanded or condemned.

In addition to this, when punishing someone, it is more effective to use emotionally-laden words. I am angry has less impact than I am disappointed in you for not obeying me, because you hurt me when you did it.

If mind control is done effectively, the brainwashed person wouldn’t even know that he or she has been manipulated. Furthermore, they truly believe that the act they did or the thought they had is truly theirs, instead of being influenced by someone else.

A simple way of exercising mind control is to rely on favors. By offering to help someone in some task, you reduce his or her chance to reject you when it is time for you to ask them to return the favor.

Reading this causes you to naturally become aware you become excited to learn even more.

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