Mind Control – Being Ethical

To many people mind control is a pure form of manipulation and it is totally unethical.

I can readily disagree with them. Mind control is not unethical as a form of psychological persuasion. After all, we are trying to persuade people to do something all the time in our day to day communication.

Furthermore, the reality is that you cannot use mind control unethically because this will get back at you. Just think of a situation, in which you make a person humiliate himself publically.

Afterwards, he will know that you have influenced him to do something embarrassing. In turn, he will not trust you anymore.

A lot of people think that there are no memories from some forms of mind control, such as hypnosis, but this is not the case. The person will remember everything or at least part of your conversation, if you use covert hypnosis.

The result is that this person will not like you and trust you anymore. This will automatically make him more difficult for manipulation, when you will actually need to make him do something.

For these reasons, it is essential for you to use the power you have over others ethically. Simply put, you have to make a win/win situation.

This is not particularly hard. In fact, this is fundamental in mind control. Your goal is to use the people’s desires and values as your tool.

You have to be able to link these desires and values to the thing that you want the person to do. This is done when engaging his subconscious mind, when exercising mind control.

In turn, these desires and values will naturally make the person willing to do what you want. This is not unethical. In fact, in many cases, you are actually helping the person.

You have just learned how to use mind control ethically. Keep expanding your knowledge on how to control others with my article Mind Control-Some Simple Methods.

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