Mindcontrol – Destroying Beliefs

In order to master mindcontrol, you have to understand how the human mind works.

We all have values, ideas and emotions. These result in beliefs. These beliefs are then projected into behavioral patterns.

This mindcontrol fundamental might sound too complex, but it is actually not and I will give you an example to illustrate my point.

A person might believe that he is too old to run a marathon. In turn, he says to himself that he cannot do it. As a result, he does not make any attempts to do this.

Your task in mindcontrol is to destroy such beliefs and to replace them with new ones. Once the person has a new belief, he will have a new behavioral pattern. Simply put, he will do what he now believes in.

Given the example above, if you destroy the notion that the person is too old to run a marathon and replace it with the belief that he can, he will do it or, at least, attempt to do it.

The question here is how to destroy beliefs to exercise mindcontrol. There are two main steps that are clearly illustrated in the above example.

First, you have to persuade the person that his belief is wrong. Then, you have to replace the old belief with a new one.

One mistake you can easily make is to focus on the general notion rather than on the individual belief. Given the example above, saying that other people at the age of this person have run a marathon will not produce great results.

However, if you focus on his internal qualities and skills, the person is more likely to change his belief and do what you want. Remember that mindcontrol is all about the person and his personality.

You have just learned a lot about mindcontrol and destroying beliefs. Keep learning how to control others with my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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