Subconscious Mind – How to Read It

The subconscious mind is not fully studied yet. However, this doesn’t mean that you find out what is on the surface.

I like to think of the subconscious mind as storage of values. These are the inner emotions, desires and beliefs. They are all stored into layers, so the deeper you go the more you can learn about the person.

The subconscious mind can also give you hints about the way the person thinks and acts.

The main question is how to read this vital information, so that you can exercise mind control.

The language and speech will tell you a lot about a person. You can figure out how he is feeling emotionally at the moment by the tone of voice and the way, in which he speaks.

The words the person uses are extremely important for figuring out what is going on in his subconscious mind. The reality is that most people speak metaphorically or use a specific jargon.

This can readily give you a clue about their interests. For instance, if someone is saying “Look at the balance sheet”, instead of “Weigh the pros and cons”, then he certainly has interest in finance and business.

In turn, you can make a speculation about his inner values. It is not particularly difficult to guess that the person aims to be successful and prosperous. He is motivated and hard working.

You have just found out a lot about this person, just by analyzing a simple phrase that he has used. Indeed, in my experience, one of the fundamentals for success in mind control is analysis.

Just do not hurry to draw conclusions, before you test your findings. In the example above, you can readily try to connect with the person by talking about stocks and bonds, for instance. If he is inspired, then you have made the right conclusion.

You have learned a lot about reading the subconscious mind. Find out more in my Subconscious Mind – How to Influence It.

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