Hypnotic Mind Control – Getting a Person into Trance

There are a lot of hypnotic mind control stages that you need to complete, before you can get the desire outcome – make a person do what you want.

One of the key steps is to get the person into a state of trance. I get a lot of people asking me what trance is. I prefer to explain it simply.

A trance is an altered state of the subconscious mind. When a person is in it, his subconscious mind is more alert and focused on one particular subject. In the case of hypnotic mind control, the subject is the thing you want the person to do.

How to get a person into a state of trance? There are various hypnotic mind control techniques that you can use.

I like using hypnotic pacing for “opening” the subconscious mind to my suggestions. You have to use a sequence of statements that are true and then slip a statement that the subject will automatically agree with.

I’ll illustrate this with an example. If you are a salesperson talking to a prospect customer, you can readily say, “You are visiting our store. You are looking at this product. You are fond of this product.”

The person will certainly open his mind to your suggestions, as you have effectively bypassed his critical mind.

Interrupting a pattern is another hypnotic mind control technique for getting someone into trance. People like to think logically and interrupting the logical pattern causes confusion.

Using the example above, you can readily go to the prospect looking at the product and tap him on the back saying, “I am here to assist you. You would certainly want some help.”

In this case, the person is confused what to do as he was previously focused on the product. You can readily use this to get him into trance.

You already know a lot about hypnotic mind control and getting someone into trance. Keep learning with my article Hypnotic Mind Control -Get Everything You Want.

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