Mind Control – Why Use Covert Hypnosis?

There are a lot of ways, in which you can exercise mind control.

Brainwashing, seduction and covert hypnosis are the most widely used ones. However, the last method seems to produce the best results in different situations.

How do you use covert hypnosis to exercise mind control?

The idea behind the method is actually quite simple. The hypnotist engages the person he wants to influence in a conversation.

He builds rapport with the subject quickly. Then the influences the subconscious mind of the subject by making suggestions (subliminal messages). These suggestions are the things that the subject has to do.

This mind control method is extremely versatile. You can use it to influence anyone, including strangers. You can also use it any social situation. For example, you can readily have a conversation with a stranger on the bust to make him give you his seat.

More importantly, the result comes instantly. Brainwashing, for instance, has several stages. The process has to be strategically planned and applied over time.

With covert hypnosis, you will need no more than half hour at the most to make anyone do what you want.

Another major benefit is that you don’t need any particular tools, settings or helpers. All you have to use is your hypnotic skills. This is not the case, if you have to use seduction or brainwashing or even traditional hypnosis.

How effective is covert hypnosis?

As I highlighted earlier, you can use this method to exercise mind control on any person. This is because it influences the subconscious mind, which every person has and uses actively. In this respect, covert hypnosis is particularly effective.

You will get the results straight away as well. Once you have sent the subliminal messages, the subject will be ready to do what you want.

You now know a lot about one of the most effective mind control methods. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Mind Control-Some Simple Methods.

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