Hypnosis Mind Control – The Use of Hypnotic Language Patterns

I can honestly say that hypnosis mind control is one of the simplest and most effective methods for making someone do what you want.

It is accomplished solely through conversation and social interaction in general. It does not involve the humiliation or embarrassment of people. It is not difficult to master the necessary skills for hypnosis mind control. Most importantly, it works on everyone.

Using hypnotic language patterns is one of the easiest ways to make someone do what you want them to.

The first question I need to answer is what these language patterns are. These are simply phrases that you have to use in order to embed an idea into a person’s mind.

They key to succeeding here is to use these commands throughout casual interaction. Once the subject accepts the command, your hypnosis mind control will be complete.

You have to make the subject think of what you want. The best way to do it is to draw a picture.

Let’s say that you have to postpone an important meeting with a client to a specific time. You have to explain the reason why. You have to use the right words to make him imagine the benefits of meeting you at another time.

You can readily say something like, “I have arranged for a special presentation to be made at that time. You will see our most innovative and cost effective solution. I know we have already made an appointment, but you will only profit, by agreeing to meet met at the specific time later on.”

With the second sentence, you have made the person imagine the benefits of postponing the meeting. In this way, you have reached his subconscious mind.

In the third sentence, you have actually made the command “meet me at the specific time”. This is how you have exercised hypnosis mind control.

This is just one example of using hypnotic language patterns for hypnosis mind control. You can readily find more and even more effective methods in my article Hypnosis Mind Control- How to Make People Act the Way You Want.

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