Mindcontrol – Make Others Do What You Want in 4 Steps

It is perfectly possible for you to exercise mindcontrol on any person. You simply need to find the right approach.

Here I am presenting one of the most effective mindcontrol methods.

Destroying and/or Creating Beliefs and Ideas

This step involves the destroying or planting an idea into the person’s head. This will make him more susceptible to your commands.

Even a skillful manipulator will need some time in order to complete this primary stage. One way to accomplish quick results is through covert hypnosis.

Creating a Cult

This is a fundamental stage in almost any effective mindcontrol process. Your task is to make the person you want to influence like or even love something or someone.

You cam make a person fall in love with a product, if you are a salesperson. In general, you can make any person admire you and trust you.

At this stage, you can use a variety of psychological techniques, including simple ones, such as flattering.

Future Pacing

This is a widely used psychological technique that can be applied to anyone for mindcontrol. Even though the term future pacing sounds complex, it is simply making someone imagine specific things happening to them.

Your job here is to make the person you want to control imagine the action that you want him to do. You have to make him truly feel what is going on in this imaginary world. In turn, he will associate your command with positive emotions and intangible benefits.


This is the final step towards making someone do what you want. Persuasion is better achieved though covert hypnosis. You have to make your commands (subliminal messages) in the course of a conversation.

The key to success is to make the persuasion natural that is to have a naturally flowing conversation.

You have already learned a lot about mindcontrol. Keep learning with my article Mind Control-Some Simple Methods.

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