How to Mind Control – Using Meta-Communication

There are many people who know how to mind control. But they are not all powerful creatures coming form another universe.

They are just like you and me. The only difference is that they have learned how to mind control and have mastered a variety of techniques for influencing a person without him knowing.

One of the fundamental techniques used in mind control is meta-communication. The term sounds complex, but it actually refers to the non-verbal communication we are using.

Our critical mind controls what we say. Our subconscious mind controls our facial expressions, gestures, body language and tone of voice. That is why meta-communication is so important, if you want to know how to mind control.

This natural form of communication can help you in a number of ways for learning how to mind control. You will get to understand people better. This is particularly important, if you want to make them do what they want without even the minimal resistance.

Notice the person’s tone of voice, gestures and facial expression. They will tell you a lot about his personality and about the way he feels at the moment.

Then, you can use meta-communication for building rapport with the person you want to influence. This is yet another effective application. The most basic meta-communication technique is to mirror the other person’s gestures.

This method has yet another excellent benefit. You can use it for subliminal programming. This application takes time and effort to master, but the main aim is to use the right phrases and tone of voice and to stress on different words.

These words will influence the mind of the person. At the same time, he will not notice that you are using them specifically to take control over his mind.

Now you know the basics of how to mind control using meta-communication. Keep learning more with my article How to Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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