Mind Control Techniques-2 Methods that Work

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Here are mind control techniques of the first type. With some practice you can master them easily.

Rely on favors.

This is the simplest method for manipulation that we usually use every day without even knowing.

You do not have to do anything in particular. Just offer to someone in need to do them a favor. Then ask him to do what you want him to. The person will have no choice, but to return the favor.

It is essential for you to play your cards well in order to succeed with this one of the mind control techniques. Make sure you use the appropriate words, actions and gestures to make the person feel that you are doing him a great favor. Rely on similar techniques to make him return this favor.

Use the power of authority.

This is another one of the mind control techniques that is not particularly difficult to implement.

Firstly, if you are some sort of authority, you can use this to make others do what you want them to. Alternatively, you can use the authority of someone else.

For instance, you can readily say to a coworker of yours that your boss would be more than happy to see something done by him.

You can also use this method to influence stranger, such as prospect customers, if you are a sales person, for instance.

If a woman is pondering whether to buy a new kitchen appliance, you can readily say something like, “Your mother will totally love the dishes you prepare with this appliance. She will even think that they have been cooked the old fashioned way.”

Everyone wants to gain the approval and possibly admiration of another person who is an authority figure for them

You already know two effective mind control techniques. You can find more in my article Mind Control Techniques-How to Easily Become A Master of Influence.

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