Mindcontrol The Power of Persuasion

self hypnosis 150x150 Mindcontrol The Power of Persuasion

Mindcontrol has been used for decades now most especially during the previous wars where POWs were subjected to it. The term mindcontrol is used to refer to the manipulation of the mind using various techniques in order for the person to conform to the wishes or desires of the manipulator. According to some researchers, there are two kinds of mind control methods being used and these are through using traumatic experience and electronic-based methods.

The first method usually begins while the child is young. This is done in order to manipulate their minds better. During their younger years, the child is subjected to mental and physical torture to better break their psyche for easy manipulation. When the handler, which is another term used for manipulators, has successfully controlled the mind of the child, he can already make use different triggers that will enable mind control.

Electronic-based method is the second type of mindcontrol used. Manipulators simply place a device within the body of the individual for better control and the result usually appears in just a few months unlike in the trauma-based method which usually takes a long time.

Some studies show that mindcontrol is also used by new religious groups to encourage other people to join their group. This theory, however, was met with a lot of controversy not only in the scientific communities but also with religious communities.

Mindcontrol is indeed a powerful tool that can be used by anyone especially when they are well versed in the techniques of mind manipulation. There are some people that are good at manipulating others through subtle ways. One example of mind control that can be seen today are the ones in abusive households where those being abused are turned into frightened individuals who do not dare to go against them.

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