Mind Control and the Power of Hypnosis

images 150x150 Mind Control and the Power of Hypnosis

Nobody can truly alter what other people think. Rather than pointing out how convoluted that is, it’s better to just say that it cannot be possible. Human beings have limitations, and these limitations go beyond the realm of the mind.

Although we cannot force what we think unto other people, it is still quite possible to control their minds. Some people can be very skeptical with this trend, saying that something that you normally perceive as extraordinary cannot be done in reality. The truth is, you can never really know what is to be perceived as reality or extraordinary unless you look at the capabilities of the subconscious mind.

If we are to talk about the subconscious mind, the first thing that has to be noted is the possible effects of hypnosis on an individual. Mind control through hypnosis is the most basic of all techniques and has been proven to be effective. Of course, the swinging pendulum over the face is the commonly-parlayed image of hypnosis. That is just for entertainment. True hypnosis lies on other tools beyond that.

When it comes to hypnosis, keep in mind what the subconscious is most capable of, and when it is at its most vulnerable. Whatever goes into the subconscious mind will then be trained by the conscious mind. But when a person is in sort some of trance, or sleeping state, the conscious mind stops functioning. In this case, only the subconscious mind remains. So what happens in this case? With your consciousness lumbering in a state of rest, anything that goes through the subconscious mind will instantly be recorded and done.

No pendulums, no “you are very sleepy” lines. All you need is a recorder that plays instructions over and over again. Its amazing what mind control can do! And to think that all of this is possible once you don’t put your subconscious mind into it.

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