Mind Control – Is It Really Possible?

mind control welcome1 150x150 Mind Control   Is It Really Possible?

Most people think of mind control as putting a magic spell on someone or making a person act like a zombie. The truth is that there are purely scientific methods to accomplish control over someone. They have been tested and proven to work.

These are just claims and you are certainly eager to get some proof. You do not have to search long to find evidence that mind control is perfectly possible.

Dictators use various techniques to manipulate huge crowds. You can find plenty of evidence for this in history. You can readily do some research on the propaganda techniques used in countries like Germany and Italy before World War II.

You hear of people using mind control every day in the news. How do you think cults work? Their leaders use various manipulation techniques to make their followers do what you want them to. How else would you explain the fact that perfectly normal people start acting like total freaks?

Believe it or not, everyone exercises mind control, usually without knowing. Have you ever asked yourself the question how you manage to persuade your loved ones to do what you want or vice versa?

It works because you have already built rapport with the person you want to control. In addition, they trust you. So, you use basic manipulation tricks that you have learned from experience and they often work.

Love is yet another proof that mind control is possible. Have you ever been totally smitten by someone? Would you have done anything this person would ask you to? The answer is probably “yes”.

This is yet another piece of evidence that you can manipulate people effectively. In fact, seduction is one of the major techniques used for controlling the mind.

All this proves that mind control works. You can find out more on the subject in my article Mind Control-Some Simple Methods.

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