How to Use Mind Control-3 Practical Tips

minco99872 150x150 How to Use Mind Control 3 Practical Tips

You probably think that you know how to use mind control. Having the power to make someone do what you want them to is an invaluable weapon. However, when it is not used correctly it can be harmful both for the controlled and for the controller.

For this reason, it is important for you to learn how to use mind control safely and to make the most out of it all the time.

Use mind control to manipulate circumstances to your advantage.

It is important for you to see people as tools for reaching your goals. This might not sound very ethical, but, in fact, it will protect you and the people you exercise the manipulation techniques on.

When you merely use people, you do not get to have personal feelings for them. You cannot feel sorry for them, so you will not make a mistake, when influencing them.

More importantly, you will avoid being angry with people or upset with them. This will help you have perfect control over yourself and become better in what you are doing.

Do not try to be a psychiatrist.

Some people who know how to use mind control think that they can help their loved ones by applying methods, such as NLP.

This might work, but the use of such techniques for treatment purposes is much more complex. You have to have mastered every technique, but even this might not be sufficient for you to help someone as a professional psychiatrist would.

Be psychologically prepared for every persuasion.

You know how to use mind control, but you are just a human being. You might have had a bad day or you might be anxiously awaiting a happy event. Things like this can put you off balance.

That is why it is extremely important for you to master the self-preparation mind control techniques perfectly.

You already know how to use mind control and how not to. Find out more in my article How to Use Mind Control – It Has Application in Every Social Situation.

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