Mindpower of the Mind-Using Subliminal Programming

mind control 300x294 150x150 Mindpower of the Mind Using Subliminal Programming

To explain the magnitude of the mindpower of the mind, psychologists compare the mind to an iceberg. What you see above the water is your conscious mind, the part that you can control. Underneath is the larger chunk, the subconscious mind, which you cannot control.

However, psychologists have invented techniques, with which you can influence the larger part of the mind. In this way, you will exploit the full potential of the mindpower of the mind. It is possible to exercise this mind control on yourself as well as on others.

One of the most widely used techniques for exploiting the mindpower of the mind is subliminal programming. It involves making suggestions to the subconscious mind.

This technique is most widely used for self improvement. Many people use to lose weight or quit smoking. However, it can also be successfully used for manipulating others to do what you want them to.

Subliminal programming is not particularly difficult. In fact, making the actual suggestions (the final stage of the process) is perhaps the easiest part. The hard part is to reach the subconscious mind.

As I explained earlier, the subconscious mind is difficult to control and influence because it is hidden. That is why your main task is to get to it.

There are a lot of techniques for overcoming the critical mind. Some of them, such as the listening to binaural beats, are straightforward. Others involve the use of specific actions and words for influencing the imagination, which it not ruled by the critical mind.

How effective is subliminal programming for exploiting the mindpower of the mind to your advantage? Most people readily use it for self improvement and the results are satisfactory. You can also use it for mind control, but you really have to master the underlying techniques.

In general, subliminal programming is just one way to exploit the mindpower of the mind. You can find out more on this subject in my article Power of the Mind-Moving People In Any Direction You Desire.

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