Mindcontrol-Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Mindcontrol is a scientific approach. However, even the most powerful hypnotists and manipulators are just people.

Mind control 150x150 Mindcontrol Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid

1) Never feel sympathy for the people you exercise mindcontrol on.

You might be saying to yourself, “Poor guy. He is so foolish. I feel sorry for him.”

As I mentioned above, it is perfectly natural for you to have emotions. However, you should not give in to them. This will just make you lose your focus and fail in controlling the person’s mind.

Learn to be tough. This is the key to success in today’s world. Adopting a positive approach also works. Just keep saying to yourself that you are actually influencing people to do what they want deep down inside, but don’t dare to do it.

2) Never focus on the negative.

Positivism is the essential for success in mindcontrol. Try not to intimidate the people you are trying to control. Be friendly to build rapport. Appear to be sympathetic caring and understanding.

If you have to use punishment as part of your tactics, make it softer and more influential. Instead of saying, “I am angry with you”, you can readily say “You disappointed me greatly. I trusted you completely and now I feel that you have betrayed my trust.”

3) Never share your true thoughts and feelings.

This is not hard to achieve, but it is crucial for success in mindcontrol. When you share what you really think and feel you can jeopardize your plans for influencing the other person. He might guess your intentions to influence his mind.

Moreover, by sharing, you become more vulnerable to influences yourself. Keep in mind that all successful people use techniques for controlling the mind. So, you would want to shield yourself in order to be a winner in every situation.

You are now protected from major mindcontrol mistakes and the next natural step is to continue learning more. Check out my article Mind Control-Get People To Do Whatever You Want.

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