Mind Control-How to Prepare a Subject for Persuasion

hypnotic persuasion 150x150 Mind Control How to Prepare a Subject for Persuasion

Hypnotic Persuasion

Establish control over the individual’s social environment and restrict it. This is done by befriending the person. Gain the trust of the subject by entrusting some of your “deepest secrets” with them. Slowly take the person out of their traditional social environment. Go to different places and do different things. Do not allow others in your company.

Social isolation is the key to effective mind control, but you will also have to study the person well. Learn what problems he or she has with his/her family and friends and use them to create mistrust and conflict in these relationships. This is the key to the preparation for total mind control. This will also guarantee you greater influence over the particular individual.

Find out all about the person’s fears, hopes and dreams. This will take more time, but you will have to rely on it extensively for mind control. Once you know what the individual thinks, you can start preparing the persuasion stage. You can readily use this knowledge for manipulation, when the right time comes.

Start making attempts to cause the subject to re-evaluate their views, emotions, believes and judgment. Your task is to destabilize the person, so that the control over the mind can be more effective. It is always easier to influence those with weaker minds.

Finally, never use physical force or psychological torture to prepare a person for mind control. In fact, by focusing on the positive, you will achieve much better results.

You certainly want to learn how to do the actual mind control, as you already know how to prepare your subject. Find out more in my article Mind Control-Get People to Do Whatever You Want.

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