How To Mind Control-It’s Completely Naturaly

When people ask me how to mind control it always makes me laugh a little. The reality is we all use some form of mind control every day.

hypnosis mind control

There are many forms of mind control from your basic everyday request for a favor to the mind control manipulation of a cult and everything in between. It is all a form of mind control.

Lets discuss the idea of asking for a favor. When you ask for a favor there is always some level of manipulation. It may be the expectation of a favor in return, it may be that you are owed a favor.

Either way there is a level of manipulation going on. This is a very limited level of mind control and certainly not as manipulative as cult style mind control.

When it comes to how to mind control cults are a fantastic example to study. They use everything from persuasion tactics to hypnotic mind control techniques. When you think of cults like Jamestown and Charles Manson you begin  to understand the mind control powers of these cults.

After all Jamestown everyone was convinced to commit suicide and Manson was able to convince people to kill other people. When it comes to how to mind control cults are an impressive place to look.

After reading this post you obviously want to learn more by reading my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think

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