Mind Control Techniques-The Art Of Persuasion

mind control

One of the ways to use mind control techniques is to persuade people to do what we want. There are many mind control techniques that we can use to accomplish this.

One of these mind control techniques is something called mind reading. Now this is not true mind reading where you read someones mind and discover they are really an ax murderer. No, with this mind control technique you are implying something that causes the person to believe what you’re saying.

I realize you’re beginning to wonder  how to use this mind control technique. And to answer your question, read the previous sentence. That was a mind read. In other words how do I know whether or not you’re beginning to wonder how to use this mind control technique.

But once you read the sentence “I realize you’re beginning to wonder how to use this mind control technique” then you probably did begin to wonder that. So in essence I caused you to do what I wanted which was to wonder about one of the mind control techniques and how to use it.

That is how you use mind reading as one of the many mind control techniques you have at your disposal on this site. Obviously you’re beginning to wonder what else you can learn from this site and that causes you to read my article mind control titled Mind Control – What Is Underground Hypnosis

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