Hypnosis Mind Control-Is Hypnosis Mind Control?

mind control

There’s been much controversy over whether hypnosis is mind control and vice versa. The best way to answer is hypnosis mind control is to cover what hypnosis is first.

First hypnosis. Hypnosis is about focusing the conscious mind so that you can speak with the subconscious  mind. When you speak tot he subconscious mind you can give the person suggestions for them to follow. Now with normal hypnosis your subject is a willing participant.

As a willing participant they are aware that you are going to be making suggestions and therefore will be more likely to notice a suggestion they do not like.

Another form of hypnosis is covert hypnosis. Here it’s more like hypnosis mind control because it is covert. In other words your subject is unaware that you are using hypnosis at all. So your suggestions are more likely to slip past the critical factor even if it’s something they wouldn’t normally like to do.

In the case of covert hypnosis as a form of hypnosis mind control your subject thinks your suggestion was their own idea. And let me ask you, do you argue with your own ideas? Of course you don’t and neither will your subject. Unless of course it goes against their values. That is a different topic for a different post.

So, when you use covert hypnosis as a form of hypnosis mind control then yes, hypnosis can be a form of mind control.

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