Learn Mind Control-Do You Ever Assume

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Use mind power to control others

You know the  saying “when you assume you make an a—out of you and me.”  The funny thing is I believe the first time I ever heard that expression was an old late night episode of the odd couple.

Anyway with  mind control we use presuppositions, which are basically nothing more than assumptions, to get people to do what we want them to do . These are an extremely important part of mind control. Let me explain…

After you master mind control you may feel the incredible  satisfaction of having the ability to get people to do anything you want. So what are the presuppositions (assumptions) in that sentence?

To begin with we are presupposing that you will actually master mind control. Simply using the word “After” means that it is a foregone conclusion that it will happen. What else are we assuming here?

That you can feel enormous satisfaction at all. For you to feel enormous satisfaction about having the ability to get people to do anything you want you have to have the ability to feel enormous satisfaction period.

I hope you’re starting to understand how presuppositions work? The power of this is that when you presuppose something the unconscious mind takes it as a fact. So in the above sentence the unconscious mind takes it as fact that you will master mind control and you will also feel enormous satisfaction about it.

When you consider some of the many possibilities that presuppositions create, you should realize just how much you want to master this fantastic technique, don’t you.

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