Mind Control-Language Patterns

If you want to bring out incredibly powerful feelings of love, lust, connection or desire in other people, then keep reading…

Discover how to be a mind control master

Discover how to be a mind control master

When you bring up the topic of dating then say “What’s the difference between what you think you want, what you’ve trained yourself to accept is the best you can ever have and what you would find totally, deeply fulfilling”. Then, just sit back and observe.

When you ask this question, the other person has to access the deeper level of their subconscious and therefore experience the feelings of what they would find truly fulfilling. That’s how powerful questions can be.

You can take this a step further by saying…

“When you remember your most fulfilling relationship and you relive all the feelings that come flooding through you as you do that, you may realize you obviously see your true desires right in front of you (you are in front of them) and as you see your true desires right in front of you it’s like you easily become aware that you feel compelled to act on those desires…now…with me, as I see it that happening now isn’t it”

The interesting thing about these types of language patterns is that they can be used for good and for bad.  You can bring up wonderful feelings of joy, love and attraction but you can also use them in ways that elicit guilt and shame.

So please use these ethically.

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