Subconscious Mind – Understand How It Works

How The Subconscious Mind Process

know the ways of how subconscious mind works

How our subconscious mind actually operates? Is it powerful? These are the few questions of some people who wants to have a deeper understanding about the subconscious mind since it is a part of  our whole being.

As cited at, Dr. Lipton, an author of the award winning book entitled “The Biology of Belief” verified that ninety -five percent of our behavior is computerized and it operates on programs we have learned between the ages of two and six.

Why is it only between the ages two and six?

This is because when a child ages between two and six, he is in the alpha and theta brainwave primarily. This kind of brainwave frequency allows a child to learn three languages at once. The brainwave frequency permits the child also to absorb millions of bits of information.

Therefore if an adult person is having problems with his relationships, body built, finances or continually facing the same problems or challenges repeatedly for instance, it is not his fault really but by the computerized program that is in his body.

Looking on the bright side, the  program in our body can be altered anytime. This is incredibly great because we as human beings can change our lives by  just reprogramming the subconscious mind. So if a person wants to change his bad habits or to get over with his failing business then he can use this mind control technique to modify the program that is presently operating on.

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