Mind Control-The Basic Strategy

The Main Strategy In Mind Control

Nowadays, many are amazed that there are lots of strategies or methods existed to be able to learn mind control techniques. But most of them are confused of what is really the basic one to master.

The basic mind control strategy that should always remember as mentioned at news.990m.com, is to make a way of having a mental disorientation to a person but not in a longer time and deep sense of state. Creating a brief mental disorientation is just enough.

A person that is not in his normal condition can be easily moved in any type of direction. If this is done, then the next thing to do is to shift his mind into the past in which the process is commonly known as “regression”. A person can follow the suggestions right away if he is regress back to his childhood.

To perform the process of regression is to ask the person you want to control to remember his early days. In this process, let him also describe what are the important events happened to him and the feelings he felt with it. Subsequently, act as a parent figure to the person and use words that would trigger him subconsciously as if you are the parent when he was still a child.

The regression scheme is very helpful in mind control because a person who is under of it would really follow the authority figure and that is YOU, who is acting as the parent. This specific strategy can be used to anyone – be it your lover, employee, boss or a stranger to be able to help you somehow.

For more information regarding this topic, read my article How To Use Mind Control To Get What You Want.

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