Hypnotic Mind Control Secret Weapon-Ambiguity

Buy now, you must be curious about this post. And as you go through the in trance of your home you may begin to notice apart of you that you never new existed. When you begin to like and trust someone, me, I think trust is extremely important.

Hypnotic Mind Control

Learn Mind Control

OK, so did you catch all the ambiguities in that sentence. I’ll go over them in a moment, first let’s discuss what ambiguities really are. There are many types of ambiguities, the most common are phonological and punctuation.

Phonological Ambiguities- These are words like Buy/By, entrance/in trance, apart/a part, etc. so, re-look at that first paragraph and see if you spot the phonological ambiguities.

Punctuation Ambiguities-This is where you are not quite sure where the last sentence/sentence fragment ends and the new sentence/sentence fragment begins. For example-When you get some soda, for me, soda is a great drink. Am I saying for me soda is a great drink or am I saying get some soda for me. Soda is a great drink.

These are just a few examples of how to use ambiguities to get people to follow your every command through hypnotic mind control.

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